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About Merz

Merz famous for its dental and medical line of products, also proudly produce a beauty line for customers who want wrinkle therapy. The pharmaceutical company first originated over 100 years ago in Germany. The founder, Friedrich Merz's focus was really fixated on the patient, to reach out to them, through medical products that would change their life for the better.

Today, the internationally successful company, also produces dermatology products to turn the time back on your skins age. One significant product in their range is Merz Belotero, giving immediate noticeable results. It's secret component is Hyaluronic acid.

As skin reaches the age of 30, it starts to become less firm. Environmental and lifestyle factors also play a huge role in how skin ages. Smoking, stress, lack of sleep, exposure to UV Rays and a poor diet all contribute to the appearance of wrinkles. With the face exposed more than any other part of your body, it is subjected to a significant amount of particles derived from pollution and radiation daily. Eating foods such as blueberries can control the impact of these factors by fighting off free radicals and other contaminants. Merz Belotero Soft, Balance and Intense treatments are designed to smooth lines out anywhere on the face, whether they are fine or deep lines, including glabellar lines and crow's feet.

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We advise our products should only be administered by licensed healthcare practitioners after purchase.
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