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Lemon Bottle

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About Lemon Bottle

In a world where patients want to look and feel their best, the variety of products dedicated to eliminating stubborn fat continues to multiply. Among these, Lemon Bottle has emerged as a popular choice within aesthetics practices, surpassing industry favourites like Aqualyx and Lipo Lab

Lemon bottle stands as a revolutionary fat-dissolving product that has set itself apart in today’s competitive market for its unparalleled ability to destroy fat cells. Its formulation boasts a unique and highly concentrated concoction of key ingredients, including Riboflavin (Vitamin B12), Lecithin, and Bromelain. This unique blend of ingredients has shown remarkable efficacy in eliminating stubborn fat, often proving resistant to even the most disciplined diets and exercise regimens.

Lemon Bottle Skin Booster is a solution that combines 11 high-content amino acids, multivitamins, multi-peptides, and antioxidants required for skin cells with HA to provide them directly to the skin, engaging in the new production of collagen and elastin and supplying nutrients needed for the skin.

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