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About Filorga

Founded in 1978 by a French doctor, Filorga Laboratories in France have provided a revolutionised solution towards anti-ageing products. Now an international recognised brand available Sent from my iPad

Filorga specialise in an extensive range of cosmetics to include anti-ageing creams, serums, masks, eye creams, night balms, sun care treatments, cleansers, resurfacing agents and moisturisers. In addition to this, Filorga manufacture medical injection fillers to replace lost Hyaluronic acid; a dual function to smooth out facial wrinkles whilst re-establishing facial volume to eradicate sagging skin.

Clinical studies have reported that 100% of patients were completely satisfied with their results immediately after their treatment with XHA-3 and also six months later. Their tolerance levels were proven as excellent with the initial injection and a booster given two weeks later. Wrinkles are miraculously absent and completely invisible, including the deepest of nasolabial folds formed between the cheeks and nose area. All treatments carry a CE marking, to show they have met the standards and guidelines of European conformity.

At Filler World, we provide you a one-stop shop dermal filler destination.

We advise our products should only be administered by licensed healthcare practitioners after purchase.
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